This site shows some varied examples of my work from the past several years -- work from the past 12-18 months can be found in the "Recent Work" gallery..

The portfolios that I show here primarily illustrate both of my major sources of inspiration: buildings (especially historical) and landscape. Buildings ranging from medieval English cathedrals, industrial monuments in Buffalo, California missions and Middle-eastern mosques, to the unique architecture of such different cities as Venice, Beijing, Chicago, Buffalo, Oxford and Cambridge. Landscapes from the abstracts of Oman and California's sand dunes to the natural beauty of trees and, one of my favourites, the English Lake District. And the combination of the two in the exploration of several industrial landscapes, especially the unique heritage of the grain elevators and silos, and the Colonel Ward Pumping Station, in Buffalo, NY. Most recently I had the great opportunity to travel west along the Silk Road in China, from it's eastern terminus in Xi'an through to the borders with Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan on 'the roof of the world' -- ancient cities, communities and stunning landscapes -- a great adventure!!

My special passion is the architecture of English medieval cathedrals -- in my view, these represent some of the greatest achievements of English architecture. There is a selection of images of these cathedrals included in this site, but for a more detailed and comprehensive set I would direct you to my site focused on this subject: English Medieval Cathedrals

I hope you enjoy what you see -- if you have questions that you would like to ask or have comments that you would like to make, please use the Contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for visiting my site.

John Eaton.